Seiko Nishida - Vedic Master



I am so grateful for the Nature which gives us the unconditional love, unlimited abundance, and joy of life!   Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Please be well and be in peace.
"Sat Chit Ananda"

With my gratitude and love to you all.




Very interesting talk with Dr Deepak Chopra and Dr. Rudy Tanzi!
"Super Brain"
Where is memory store? In the brain? Or somewhere else? Or in the soul? In the consciousness?
My next book to read is this one! Looking forward to it.... How about you?

"Om Ritam Namah" My intention and desires are supported by the universe.


Be Grateful For And Meditate........

Today I am so grateful for the restoration of the power in Manhattan, NY city, after the hurricane Sandy attack.
There were many people here without power for a week and there are still many people in other parts of NY city.  My prayers to them for sooner recovery during this hard time!

I am so grateful for all the people who have been working hard to restore the city back to the normal daily life.  There is some issues for facing Mother Nature disasters in future, which are for us to work on together in the world.

To unite among people, to unite with the nature, and also to unite with all the cosmic consciousness for everyone and everything to be in harmony.  Remember that where the attention goes, the energy flows in the universe.

Meanwhile let us to be in stillness connecting in the Gap.
Let us meditate and commune in silence with love and the attitude of gratitude.