Seiko Nishida - Vedic Master


Space in Your Mind and Body

Make some spaces for your mind and body to observe your inner soul. Just listen to your body and mind; and accept as it is. Then release all your turbulence to the universe. Surrender yourself to the universe. Extend your gratitude to someone around you, someone you love and the nature. You are absolute existence. You are grateful you live in this world with cosmic law.


Witnessing Inner Yourself - Detachment From Outcomes

You can't practice "No Judgement, Just Observation", if you are attached with any outcomes and the results you want. It is much easier to judge things than just witnessing them. Why is it? We usually have a tendancy to look for the outside results rather than looking into the inside of yourself. Observation is just witnessing the existences detaching from outcomes or any of your ideas. Accepting just as it is. Be as you are. Being, Feeling, Thinking, Doing.
Detachment from outcomes may bring you to the stillness, the true you, when you just observe as it is. The Self, Atman, is there. Then explore your infinite possibility!


Let It Flow As It Is.

When you get into the silence during the meditation, just let it be and let it flow as it drifts. Your inner stillness will lead to the blissful moments when you let it be. Make a space to allow it inside of yourself as free as it is. The good flow/good energy will get into you and feed back to your surroundings.
How smooth it is to let go inside of your physical body and your mind!
Experience through your daily meditation. Enjoy the moment.
Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti.


Meditation Retreat at Sedona, AZ

I attended the Seduction of Spirit/Silence of the Chopra Center meditation seminar at Sedona, AZ from Aug.23 till Aug.28.

It was just wonderful and blissful experience again.

It was for me not only to reveal the philosophy of meditation but to meditate with over 350 people in the collective consciousness to meet in the infinite possibility. United and merged in the peace, stillness and love for every one's happiness.

Thanking all for this opportunity.



The 21 Days Meditation Challenge

The 21 days meditation challenge from the Chopra Center.

You can listen to them anytime whenever you want to meditate with these guidance. This is a great tool for your life!! Let us keep meditate everyday with our collective consciousness, which brings us infinite possibility.

Remember! "You will talk to God when you pray, and you will listen to God when you meditate."

Then your life is in harmony with your own God. Wishing you all in the infinite happiness and love.

Enjoy Meditation!!



To Observe & Notice The Inner Yourself

Along with practicing the meditation and before falling into gap, you may notice a lot of thoughts coming from yourself, some are you do not want to face because they are too ugly and they represent too much of your ego. However you have to let them go through you. Just face the unwilling parts of yourself. Observe your dark side. Then when you exhale, gently push them aside and accept them as they are. Gently inhale and repeat your Primordial Sound innocently. So, you may be able to go to the next step, falling into your pure stillness.


Accept Youself As You Are.

Any thought during the meditation will bring you to other world which you do not want to experience during the practice. Regardless you deny it, the thought comes back right away. You can not get rid of it. So, what you have to do is just "accept" it. Then bring your awareness to your own mantra to repeat again to push it away gently.
Do not struggle to bring yourself to meditate but just accept it as you do for yourself.

Make a space inside of you to accept outcomes.
Just like accepting yourself as you are. Accept others as they are.


What Are Thoughts?

The thoughts are the words, the sentences which come into your mind. The thoughts are also the images, the colors, the sound, the music, the melody, the sensations of your body. Anything other than the stillness. But you may enjoy them too. If so, just let them come and let them go by repeating your mantra gently and effortlessly. Then you may fall into the gap, the stillness.
Do not deny or judge. Just observe.


A Chance For Glimpsing Your Soul

Meditation gives you a chance to witness yourself. Just allow yourself to listen to your voice of yourself. It is amazing to find out so many thoughts you are holding in. Do not stop or hold in to yourself but let them come out silently. Just observe the thoughts flowing out. Let them go and let others to come in and you repeat your mantra between thoughts.
Thought, Mantra, Silence, and again Thought.

You repeat this in every meditation, then you may glimpse your soul just for a moment in the silence.
That's it.


Therapy Gives A Blissful Time

When i have the massage therapy, it just gives me a blissful time like being surrendered by the Divine/Universe. When you have a good therapist, the hand strokes flow into the natural movement of your breath. Your mind becomes silent and you feel nothing but comfort.

It is not only for my physiology but also for my mind. It simply gives me a comfort.

I really have a wonderful massage therapist. Many thanks to Mary (


Essay from "Experience" of Emerson

"Life is a train of moods like a string of beads; and as we pass through them they prove to be many-colored lenses which paint the world their own hue, and each shows only what lies in its own focus." (by R.W. Emerson)

I have read it in the train.
Thanking for the life I have now and enjoying it that everyday life like that, which grows and shines for all of us.
Wishing all the best to everyone everyday.


Creating A Space

Just be aware:
Space to breathe, Space to give, Space to love,
Space to forgive, Space to receive, Space to share,
Space of gratitude, Space for stillness.
So your spirit can gracefully flow to the pure potentiality.

The practice of meditation and yoga lead you to it.
Just give a space to yourself in the daily life and the whole world looks very different from what you think.


Beautiful Words From Esther Hicks.

One of my great friends from Turkey sent me the words from Esther Hicks ( I thought I owed to introduce it on my blog. It is very true and beautiful. Thank you, my friend, Esra (

When you quiet your mind,

You stop your thoughts

When you stop your thoughts,

You stop resistant thought

When you stop your resistant thought,

You raise your vibration

When your vibration rises,

You are tuned with who you really are

And when you are tuned with who you are,

You will be more aware!

( by Esther Hicks, an American inspirational speaker)


Thursday : The Law of Intention and Desire

My intentions and desires are supported by the universal intelligence.

please read more on Thursday:
(otherwise refer to law 5 of Pages)

I will make commitments for the day.


Wednesday : The Law of Least Effort

The Law of Least Effort:
My actions achieve maximal benefit with minimal effort.

please read more on Wednesday:
(otherwise refer to the law 4 of Pages)

I will practice acceptance with no judgement.


Tuesday : The Law of Karma

The Law of Karma:
My actions are aligned with universal laws.

please read more on Tuesday:
(otherwise refer to the law 3 of the Pages)

I will make a commitment for the day.


Monday : The Law of Giving and Receiving

Monday's Spiritual Law : Giving and Receiving.
I am the nourishier of the universe and the universe nourishes me.

please read more on Monday:
(otherwise refer to the law 2 of the Pages)

I will practice forgiveness and be gentle to myself.


Sunday : The Law of Pure Potentiality

(The Law of Sunday)
I am absolute existence.

please read more on Sunday:
(otherwise refer to the law 1 of the Pages)

I will practice non judgement.


Saturday : The Law of Dharma

(The Law of Saturday)
My life is in harmony with universal laws.

please read more on Saturday:
(otherwise refer to the law 7 of the Pages)

How can I help? How can I serve?


Friday: The Law of Detachment

(The Law of Friday)
My actions are blissfully free from attachment to outcome.

please read more on Friday:
(otherwise refer to the law 6 of the Pages)

Surrender to Divine.



I have a lot of visitors/thoughts during the meditation. They come and go so many times. Not necessary the same one but also the new comers. Some may have the inner conversations with me. Then I ask my mantra to help me. As reaping the mantra, the visitors slowly go away but they come back again. When I have many of them, I intentionally stop the meditation. Then sit quietly for a few minutes. After that, I slowly go back to my meditation and mantra again. This time it becomes more silent. Some days are like that. This is also one of the meditation process. Let me just enjoy it too.


Volunteer Session

I am opening a volunteer meditation session for the seniors at the Battery Park City from June 7th every Monday morning. It will be wonderful to have this time with some people to share the same consciousness, the peace in the world, the fulfillment of the life and best of all is to share love each other through meditation. Thank you very much for this opportunity. Shanti, Namaste.


Meditation Practice

"To be happy and healthy as long as we live. Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love in the life."

The Primordial Sound Meditation sessions are included providing your own mantra, the Primordial Sound, calculated by your birth information based on the date, the time and the place of your birth. It is so personal and you meditate with the universal vibration when you were born.
Yes, you have a lot of thoughts during the meditation but the mantra, the vibration, brings you back to the silence and the stillness. Just enjoy your soul to flow from the thoughts and the stillness back and forth. Just let it go! Surrender!


Start The Day With Meditation

Morning Air brings you a new start for the day.
To meditate is the first thing in the morning, which brings me new opportunities for the day. Just sit comfortably and observe your breath and yourself gently.
Meditate twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. Whatever the time you have is giving you the renewal of the cells in the body. Just awesome moments!