Seiko Nishida - Vedic Master


A Chance For Glimpsing Your Soul

Meditation gives you a chance to witness yourself. Just allow yourself to listen to your voice of yourself. It is amazing to find out so many thoughts you are holding in. Do not stop or hold in to yourself but let them come out silently. Just observe the thoughts flowing out. Let them go and let others to come in and you repeat your mantra between thoughts.
Thought, Mantra, Silence, and again Thought.

You repeat this in every meditation, then you may glimpse your soul just for a moment in the silence.
That's it.


Therapy Gives A Blissful Time

When i have the massage therapy, it just gives me a blissful time like being surrendered by the Divine/Universe. When you have a good therapist, the hand strokes flow into the natural movement of your breath. Your mind becomes silent and you feel nothing but comfort.

It is not only for my physiology but also for my mind. It simply gives me a comfort.

I really have a wonderful massage therapist. Many thanks to Mary (


Essay from "Experience" of Emerson

"Life is a train of moods like a string of beads; and as we pass through them they prove to be many-colored lenses which paint the world their own hue, and each shows only what lies in its own focus." (by R.W. Emerson)

I have read it in the train.
Thanking for the life I have now and enjoying it that everyday life like that, which grows and shines for all of us.
Wishing all the best to everyone everyday.


Creating A Space

Just be aware:
Space to breathe, Space to give, Space to love,
Space to forgive, Space to receive, Space to share,
Space of gratitude, Space for stillness.
So your spirit can gracefully flow to the pure potentiality.

The practice of meditation and yoga lead you to it.
Just give a space to yourself in the daily life and the whole world looks very different from what you think.


Beautiful Words From Esther Hicks.

One of my great friends from Turkey sent me the words from Esther Hicks ( I thought I owed to introduce it on my blog. It is very true and beautiful. Thank you, my friend, Esra (

When you quiet your mind,

You stop your thoughts

When you stop your thoughts,

You stop resistant thought

When you stop your resistant thought,

You raise your vibration

When your vibration rises,

You are tuned with who you really are

And when you are tuned with who you are,

You will be more aware!

( by Esther Hicks, an American inspirational speaker)


Thursday : The Law of Intention and Desire

My intentions and desires are supported by the universal intelligence.

please read more on Thursday:
(otherwise refer to law 5 of Pages)

I will make commitments for the day.


Wednesday : The Law of Least Effort

The Law of Least Effort:
My actions achieve maximal benefit with minimal effort.

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(otherwise refer to the law 4 of Pages)

I will practice acceptance with no judgement.


Tuesday : The Law of Karma

The Law of Karma:
My actions are aligned with universal laws.

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(otherwise refer to the law 3 of the Pages)

I will make a commitment for the day.


Monday : The Law of Giving and Receiving

Monday's Spiritual Law : Giving and Receiving.
I am the nourishier of the universe and the universe nourishes me.

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(otherwise refer to the law 2 of the Pages)

I will practice forgiveness and be gentle to myself.


Sunday : The Law of Pure Potentiality

(The Law of Sunday)
I am absolute existence.

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(otherwise refer to the law 1 of the Pages)

I will practice non judgement.


Saturday : The Law of Dharma

(The Law of Saturday)
My life is in harmony with universal laws.

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(otherwise refer to the law 7 of the Pages)

How can I help? How can I serve?


Friday: The Law of Detachment

(The Law of Friday)
My actions are blissfully free from attachment to outcome.

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(otherwise refer to the law 6 of the Pages)

Surrender to Divine.