Seiko Nishida - Vedic Master



I have a lot of visitors/thoughts during the meditation. They come and go so many times. Not necessary the same one but also the new comers. Some may have the inner conversations with me. Then I ask my mantra to help me. As reaping the mantra, the visitors slowly go away but they come back again. When I have many of them, I intentionally stop the meditation. Then sit quietly for a few minutes. After that, I slowly go back to my meditation and mantra again. This time it becomes more silent. Some days are like that. This is also one of the meditation process. Let me just enjoy it too.


Volunteer Session

I am opening a volunteer meditation session for the seniors at the Battery Park City from June 7th every Monday morning. It will be wonderful to have this time with some people to share the same consciousness, the peace in the world, the fulfillment of the life and best of all is to share love each other through meditation. Thank you very much for this opportunity. Shanti, Namaste.


Meditation Practice

"To be happy and healthy as long as we live. Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love in the life."

The Primordial Sound Meditation sessions are included providing your own mantra, the Primordial Sound, calculated by your birth information based on the date, the time and the place of your birth. It is so personal and you meditate with the universal vibration when you were born.
Yes, you have a lot of thoughts during the meditation but the mantra, the vibration, brings you back to the silence and the stillness. Just enjoy your soul to flow from the thoughts and the stillness back and forth. Just let it go! Surrender!


Start The Day With Meditation

Morning Air brings you a new start for the day.
To meditate is the first thing in the morning, which brings me new opportunities for the day. Just sit comfortably and observe your breath and yourself gently.
Meditate twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. Whatever the time you have is giving you the renewal of the cells in the body. Just awesome moments!