Seiko Nishida - Vedic Master


The Law of Karma

Every moment is a moment of choice and therefore every moment is a moment of infinite possibilities. When you come to decide what you do, I remind myself of this law.

There are three ways to enliven the law of Karma; 1. recognize your choice you make, 2. think what is the consequence of the choice, and then 3. listen to your heart for the choice you make whether this will make us happy and bring success to others.

If the choice will make or give me discomfort, this is not the one I want to choose.

There are many opportunities in the daily life you encounter these cases.

Observe yourself and make a comfortable choice.

Let us meditate every day to make a right choice at each time.

The mantra of this law is;

" Om Kriyam Namah", which means "My actions are aligned with cosmic law"


*reference; "Seven Spiritual Law of Success" by Deepak Chopra

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