Seiko Nishida - Vedic Master


The Law of Pure Potentiality

Today, let us cultivate stillness by meditating. Then commune with the nature. Today I shall judge nothing. Let me surrender into the stillness for the pure potentiality, the source of the creativity of the life.
I shall meditate to touch the stillness in the morning and in the afternoon. Just surrender myself in the quiet moment. Later I walk in the park to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and sense the cool breeze. Smelling the tree and flowers give me fresh sensation. Thanking the wonderful nature. Just be pleased to be there. I will practice non-judgement today. Just accept what it is and who they are. So grateful to be here.

The Mantra of the law is;
" Om Bhavam Namah", which means " I am absolute existence."


*reference; "Seven Spritula Law of Sucess", by Deepak Chopra

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