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I am back now.

It's been so long since I got on this blog. As a human being has to go through in the life, all my parents have passed away. Yes, it is very empty in my feeling without them. It took me so long to accept it and still working on it with my feeling regardless nothing can be done. I will get over it soon.

In Feb. I received a call from my bother that my father was in very bad condition and I rushed home back to Japan. Luckily I had be able to talk to him but he was very weak with suffering from the breathing and weak heart beats. However I could spend a time with him about a month before his death.

A week before his death, there was the massive earthquake in Japan followed by devastating Tsunami. Just astonishing to know that the nature is beyond the human life. The people over there are very patient to accept the situation and try to do what they can do next by themselves to recover from the crisis.

This is the one my biggest reasons not on this blog for some time. I will keep moving on for my life as the universe directs me and I have never missed my meditation till now. It is very grateful that we are alive now.

With my sincere gratitude.


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